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The Scottish Church History Society is offering grants to assist research into any aspect of Scotland’s ecclesiastical history.

Scottish Church History Society Grants 2023

Call for applications for Grants by the Scottish Church History Society

Since 1922 the Scottish Church History Society has existed to advance our understanding of the history of Christianity in Scotland. In order to aid further research, the Society is offering annual grants to support researchers in any aspect of Scottish church history. The awards are intended to help with expenses, including copying of source material and travel.


Each year the Society will make awards of between £500 and a maximum of £750. Successful applicants will be eligible to re-apply in subsequent years.


You are eligible if, during the proposed period of research, you have the status of a postgraduate, post-doctoral researcher, independent researcher, or minister or clergyman of any denomination.

If you apply for a grant, please tell us about yourself and the nature of your project, and outline your budget.


Conditions of grant

If you are awarded a grant you must submit a report concerning your work to the Scottish Church History Society within nine months of receiving the grant.

You will also be expected to offer a paper at a conference organised by the Scottish Church History Society or submit an article for the Society’s journal, Scottish Church History, based on the research for which a grant is awarded.


You are asked to accept these conditions when applying for a grant.


To apply, copy and use the Application Form on this page. Please remember to include all the information that you are asked to provide, and submit it to the Secretary of the Society, Dr Ben Rogers, at


The deadline for applications is 30 November 2023.

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